Chinese Emperial meets Shabby Scandinavian style

Question for you: How many of you have several projects in the works at the same time? Thus not actually finishing any of them in a timely manner? Thought so; so do I! Recently I have had the cushions still in the works, along with the bamboo shelving unit and a small table. Because of unseen twerps in the other projects (plus a LOT of issues going on in my “real” world), I’ve only finished the table.

First, let me tell you how I obtained this table. One day a friend came over to retrieve her shovels (seemed I had borrowed, but hadn’t returned them. Oops!) While there, she takes off on a little tour around my house to see how far I’ve come. Next thing I know, she’s pointing out pieces of my furniture saying such things as “I like that” (not so bad, complimentary right?) and “I want this” (hmmm, a bit more assertive, LOL). Most things, as they are mine and I like them, too (or I wouldn’t own them) – it was a no go for said pieces going home with her. But one set of night stands I had been “planning” on refurbishing was stacked in a corner waiting their turn. As she wanted to use them for end tables, who was I to say no. I took them over to her place and came home with this table.

Shoot!  I forgot to take a picture before I started.

But, a) I don’t need a table, and b) It was dark and scratched. So out comes the shabby chic work.

Here’s how what I did:

1) After dusting the table off, painted the entire table with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in white.

2013-08-17 12.46.41

2) Painted the accent trim in a chalky slate blue.

2013-08-17 14.23.50

3) After the paint dried, lightly distressed some edges with a sanding block.

4) Finished with Minwax special dark furniture wax, making sure the dark color stayed in the recessed edges.

2013-08-28 19.00.35 2013-08-28 19.01.16

I like it better now, I think it’s lighter and original. I hope you like it too 🙂 Let me know if you think I should add some stencil or artistic work to the top.

(And, as I don’t need it or don’t have room for it – I think I’ll sell this one. Craigslist, here we come!)

Something for nothing, or — Pickers!

One day fairly recently, I had the most incredible day (for hobbies, anyway)!   I went to the auction with my boss and friend, it was my first time and I had a blast! 5 hours in the blazing hot sun, but I scored big – two bamboo shelf thingies, one “leather” padded coffee table ottoman, 4 art pictures, one small wood table, and an AWESOME leather alligator storage box. Then, when I dropped my filthy car off to be cleaned I ‘just happened’ to see a garage sale so I stopped by and found some coca-cola glasses and a very heavy wood medicine cabinet for (wait for it) TWO DOLLARS. Yep, you read that right. I’m sure some of these items will be ending up as a story here later.

Then after lunch and a couple of refreshing drinks (oh yes, THAT kind of drink, LOL. It was HOT, remember?) – I came back home and found the cherry on the top – two perfectly fine lawn chairs somebody had left by the trash, just need a bit of sanding and painting. Yep – FREE. Here’s what they looked like before I got to work on them.

Lawn chairs - One man's trash...
One man’s Trash
lawn chairs - ready to go
Will soon be another woman’s treasure!

When I inspected them closer, it was apparent they had been previously spray painted. Flat black over a dull beige – and I don’t think it was outdoor or metal or plastic paint. So I got to work with my trusty mouse sander and gave them a one-over and then a washing.

First, I sprayed the seats a couple of times with the Krylon Plastic green paint – but didn’t like it. Turned out more “mint” than “sage” so I dug out the yellow spray paint from my picture frame project and did them over. Much better!

Lawn chairs - covering up the green
Mint green?  No, not for me. Let’s try it again!

Lawn chairs - halfway through

After that dried, I re-taped and gave them a quick spray (because guess what? Yep, it was threatening to RAIN again. Super.) with dark bronze Metal Spray — much better than the flat black, plus it matched the lawn table that I found, guess where, the trash!! Yep – FREE. Shazaam! HGTV’s got nothin’ on me.

Brand new lawn chairs - with their cousin table
Gorgeous, right? And MY personal style :)

So what do you think? You love it, right? I figure I saved about $200 here. More pickin’ in my future, LOL