Pumping up the Curb Appeal

2016-07-03 14.21.27
More swatches – we picked the bottom one, #3

Over the fourth of July weekend, Joe and I decided to finally paint the exterior of our house. Now, I want to be very clear. It is hot as every cliche ever written out there, plus 25 degrees of humid. NOT PLEASANT. Yes, of course we wanted to do this at a much more reasonable time of year, but those two days (otherwise known as fall) were probably taken up by a football game.
We also had to decide on a color. I’d had an idea for over a year, but inspiration is definitely not the same as the end result. After many color chips, samples, and trips up and down town, and facebook surveys for likes and dislikes, we finally decided on a color (well, actually we flipped a coin).

Going from a faded green with what I would call craftsman colors (tan trim and red door) to an all-out Florida coastal vibe was sure to turn a few heads. But after 3 days of sun, sweat, and laughs (no tears luckily) we were very pleased.

2016-07-03 14.21.48 HDR-2
Tedius cutting in – must be done!

As thought, we got about half “way to go!” and half puzzled looks. The blue we ended up with was perfect for us, it was a bit bluer than the sample but that was a good thing – we had been somewhat leary of the greener turquoise (#3).

Our house is now our home. Happy, beachy, and beautiful.

Final result
Final result

Next up, some shade for the front porch and door and some tropical plant solution to bring some shade relief to the west side of the house.