Our house, in the middle of the street

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve joined the masses of people who think others care what they do day in and day out. But I won’t be writing about every little thing (whew!), I’ll be writing a little about my charming new house within walking distance of the water in St. Petersburg. It was built in 1949 so it’s more of a ‘Florida cottage’ than a bungalow, but isn’t it cute? (Um, not quite yet, you think? Just wait!)  I really wanted something that was cozy, had some character and history, something I could truly make my own and do lots and lots of PROJECTS in!

pookies house 2

My house – Before

You see, I’ve been sanding and painting furniture for looong before HGTV and DIY started showing you how “easy” (with a background team of 20 professionals, of course!) it is, and now I once again have a lot of elbow room to get dirty in.

OK – fess’ up time…I’m totally ripping off/copy-catting my boss! She started a blog of her own, and it’s awesome if I do say (and I’m not just begging for points 🙂 ). I’d had a goal year after year to write more, and I also wanted to do more projects. But there was always tomorrow to start, right?  Well, she started 6 months ago and has kept it going for that long no matter how busy SHE is – so I figured I better JUST DO IT. Do I know what I’m doing? Nope – but that’s what WordPress is for. Trial by fire! So far, kind of easy. And no better way to get better at writing than to WRITE! Right?

So now that you know my intentions, please come subscribe or come back for the next post that will start demonstrating (or perhaps complaining about) projects!

P.S. I bet at least some of you looked at my blog background and thought to yourselves, “Oh my, how awful/clash/gauche/tacky/loud/busy/etc.” [EDIT – this was before my redesign which is really cool. ]

— I KNOW, RIGHT???? Isn’t it great?

I promise you, as much as I LOVE my blog layout, that all my taste isn’t along those lines (ok, some is…). Sometimes, I have really nice, toned-down Southern style taste 🙂  You’ll just have to stay tuned and see.  MWUAH!

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