A Temporary Solution to a Permanent Problem

Sun, rain, dirt, oak leaves, pollen, and a big dog equal “why I can’t justify the cost of nice lawn furniture”. About two years ago, we were driving down a neighborhood street when I yelled “Stop!” — all so we could take a look at a full set of wrought iron patio furniture for the lofty price of $35.00. It was rusty, the pillows were somewhat ugly, and because of the problems listed above it was perfect for us.

faded rusted patio furniture
This rusty faded furniture is king dog’s favorite spot at the castle

Now, two years down the road, the outdoor screened in porch hasn’t appeared yet (I’m still relying on magic to make that happen) and Ace Hardware was having a sale on spray paint. Oh happy day!!

Paint sale at Ace; $2.99 a can!
Paint sale at Ace; $2.99 a can!

So, I had this grand idea that if a screened in porch wasn’t going to magically appear, a new patio set was. I applied a quick new spray of white on the wrought iron (the set had previously been wire-brushed to remove rust, and painted with the same Heritage White. A refresher was all that was needed.) Then on to the pillows; I cleaned them up with the hose, scrub brush and TSP and let them dry for an hour. I applied the Lagoon, Marigold, and Seascape Gloss to the pillows, overlapping just slightly for a tie-dye effect. This paint applies nicely to plastic and holds up well to butts in seats. A half-hour later I flipped them over and painted the other side.

cushion painting in progress
Ombre painting in progress

Meanwhile, a generic green baker’s rack I had taken from my mother’s home got two nice coats of Aqua satin. And here is the final result, a new seating area (where an old shed used to be). In a couple a months we’ll lay down some packed shell or river rock to make the ground look nice and neat and maybe add a fire pit for those two nights in Florida when it gets cold. Let the relaxing begin!

inherited generic bakers rack
Generic green bakers rack
our new paradise seating spot
Our new paradise seating spot
patio furniture refreshed
Ready for its close up, patio furniture refreshed


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